Breakout Star

Helping people and businesses breakout and dominate their markets


I’m Ray and I just want to share a little about myself with you and why I think I can help you  Breakout & Dominate Your Market.

I have been in the sales game for over 20 years.  I started off selling advertising space door to door (this is soul-destroying hard work) and wandered into selling software solutions.  Thankfully I have been very  successful at all levels of software sales. I have sold products from just a few hundred all the way up to complex business systems costing millions.

As I built my skills in software sales I discovered I really enjoyed the challenge of bringing products to market and growing the user base dramatically. I learnt how to breakout and dominate the markets in which I operated.  I have to say it has been an awesome journey with many ups and downs.  I have a lot of battle scars but ultimately I have succeeded many times over.

The experience I have gained has enabled me to develop tools and methods that have allowed me and others to replicate my success time and time again.

I believe I can help you achieve the same levels of success by sharing with you what has worked and guide you to becoming a Breakout Star that dominates your market.

To all the best in your success.