Doughnut Planning – When the Unexpected Happens

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all. Some to a greater degree than others. All the plans for business that we had, all the opportunities we expected to close, those orders just ready to sign have all been thrown into disarray. Welcome to the world of doughnut planning.Doughnut PlanningEvery salesperson has been in this position before maybe not to the…

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The Valley of Death

The Valley of Death You have been working with the customer for months now and communication has been good at all times. You have confidently put them on your sales forecast and then all of a sudden ‘radio silence’.  We have all been here whether we know it or not.  The Valley of Death is an inevitable part of any…

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Make that Sales call

The telephone is a fantastic invention, be it traditional land line or a modern mobile, the phone allows us to communicate immediately with anyone at anytime when we want to. Brilliant, or is it! From a sales perspective the phone should make life much simpler and more efficient, but for many it does not. Making that call be it prospecting,…

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