Tell me your problems – Getting to know your prospect

Getting to know your prospect Get in the meeting, fire up the presentation and tell them how great your company is. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this, a prospect hoping to hear the answers to the problems and challenges she is facing only to be bored to tears by yet another ‘me to’ PowerPoint. It’s incredible…

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Homeworking five keys that will help make it a success
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Homeworking five keys that will help make it a success

Overnight the world has changed and Coronavirus is the only headline we hear about.  This new paradigm has meant that the majority of the workforce who are 1, still in work and 2, not a key worker are now having to work from home. As we all know homeworking. Novelty of homeworking The novelty of this after a number of…

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Painting the right wall
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Painting the right wall

In the thick of it Sometimes when we are in the heat of the battle we don’t always take time to stand back and review what the current position is.  Where are we against our strategy? What tactics are going to move us forward? Etc, etc. This situation can be caused by our competitors moving into a leading position and…

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What’s in it for Them!

I have found over the years that it is very easy for sales people to focus too much on themselves, their company and their products.  They are all great, apparently!!Successful sales people although realising  that a good company, good products and even being a great sales person are important these elements are only part of the success that they enjoy.What’s…

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Inbound or Outbound
Overcome your fear

Inbound or Outbound

Over recent years the move to inbound marketing as the default standard for lead generation has led many to believe that there is no longer any need for traditional outbound marketing activities. The Sales 2.0 movement believes that social media, blogs etc are the only real ways to generate the leads that are required to meet sales budgets.  This may…

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Motivation the fuel not the destination
Motivation the Fuel

Motivation the fuel not the destination

Motivation, what is motivation! A little research will show you that the dictionary definition of motivation is “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behaviour”. Motivation is the fuel to our desires not the route or destination. Most people confuse motivation and…

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Make that Sales call

The telephone is a fantastic invention, be it traditional land line or a modern mobile, the phone allows us to communicate immediately with anyone at anytime when we want to. Brilliant, or is it! From a sales perspective the phone should make life much simpler and more efficient, but for many it does not. Making that call be it prospecting,…

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Get them to Wallow

Finding Problems You may find that it is quite easy in discovery meetings to uncover plenty of issues that you can provide solutions for.  You can get the prospect excited quite easily. In fact when you demonstrate your solution the customer is still keen as you have shown the solution to their problems. You are being Superficial Then it stops. …

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