Get them to Wallow

Get them to Wallow

Finding Problems

You may find that it is quite easy in discovery meetings to uncover plenty of issues that you can provide solutions for.  You can get the prospect excited quite easily. In fact when you demonstrate your solution the customer is still keen as you have shown the solution to their problems.

You are being Superficial

Then it stops.  No project, no budget or higher priorities elsewhere.  You just haven’t been convincing enough. Although this seems to be the case it is probably more likely that your solution only appears to fix superficial problems.  You have identified the problems, but not explored the impact.


You need to get your prospect stuck in the mud!  You are the only one that can pull them out. You need them to wallow around and understand just how bad the problems are and the impact that they are having on the business.

So what is wallowing?  Wallowing is a questioning technique that you can use to really open up a problem and the many impacts that it will be having on a prospect’s business.

Once you have identified a problem you need to start exploring.  So, if the business has a problem with over stocking then your super stock reordering  program with an algorithm that has been worked on for years is the answer. Yes, that is the simple answer, but you need them to wallow in the problem of over stocking.  How?

  • Simple:
  • How…?
  • What…?
  • If…?

You need to ask open questions that get the prospect to describe further the problem and expand on the impact.  How, what and if are only examples of the start of an open question, there are other options as well.

Based on the scenario above some good wallowing questions could be

How does overstocking impact on your cashflow?

What physical constraints does this put on you warehouse?

If you have cash tied up in stock then what are you not being able to spend on?

Each question you ask can lead onto more problems that the prospect didn’t even realise were happening in her business.  Get them to go down the rabbit hole.

By getting the customer to wallow in a problem and the knock on issues this one problem causes will create a real need in the prospect’s mind.  What was once a small problem that was an irritation has become a major issue that they need to solve.


So to give yourself the best chance of progression you need to get the customer to think in greater detail about the problems they have.  This will also give you an anchor that you can bring the prospect back to time and time again to keep the momentum going. Using good questioning techniques can deliver powerful results.