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Homeworking five keys that will help make it a success

Overnight the world has changed and Coronavirus is the only headline we hear about.  This new paradigm has meant that the majority of the workforce who are 1, still in work and 2, not a key worker are now having to work from home. As we all know homeworking.

Novelty of homeworking

The novelty of this after a number of weeks is now probably wearing off and you are back in the zone doing your sales job to the best of your ability.  Wow it’s different though, even for those that are based from home as standard. Everything you do now has to be done from the one location so, no more trips to the office, no more customer meetings, no more trade shows etc. etc.  

Five keys to success.

To some this is a blessing but to most of us it makes things harder.  We need to adjust our skills to meet the new challenges we face. I have found that the five following key homeworking tips have helped me and others keep our motivation up and continue to deliver what the business needs.

Dress to impress

It’s important that you keep your usual daily routine.  Get up at the same time as you usually would. Dress in your regular work clothes.  Start work at the same time (probably earlier as you don’t have to travel.) Keeping to your standard routine will help you be in the right frame of mind to start work and have a productive day.

Make room

Set up a space in your house just for work. If you are lucky you may have a home office but for the rest the dining or kitchen table will have to do.  Set it up as closely as possible to your work environment, again this will help with mindset.. Only use this location to do work in.

Keep in touch

One thing you will miss are the social relationships that you had in the office.  Don’t just communicate with people about work stuff. Call the people that you would just have a chat with and do the same.  Make the calls as sociable as possible, maybe use other channels to communicate. WhatsApp often brings out a whole new side to people.  This will help both you and others with their mental well being.

Use video

People seem very shy of this, but video is a great tool.  From a sales perspective you will be able to still see body language to some degree and understand how your customers and prospects really feel.  At this moment in time it is the closest you will get to a face to face meeting. Make the most of it.

Get out of here

Make sure you take a break.  It is too easy to get caught up in work and miss out on a bit of quality relaxation to help you keep charged  up. Get out of the house for some exercise once a day even if it is just a walk. Make sure you finish on time.  Too many people are beginning to clock up 50 hours or more and burning themselves out.


I hope that you find some of the above useful.  We have no idea how long we may be in this position so let’s look to keep ourselves successful, well and in great mental shape..