Inbound or Outbound
Overcome your fear

Inbound or Outbound

Over recent years the move to inbound marketing as the default standard for lead generation has led many to believe that there is no longer any need for traditional outbound marketing activities.

The Sales 2.0 movement believes that social media, blogs etc are the only real ways to generate the leads that are required to meet sales budgets.  This may be true of low cost products and subscriptions, but not for high cost high value tech solutions. That’s our belief anyway. Anyone who has been in sales for any length of time, especially a consultative sales role, knows that generating enough business to meet your sales targets requires a lot of hard work in a proactive manner.  Just being reactive won’t cut the mustard when you need to make your numbers. 

Of all the marketing approaches pro active outbound activities are the best way to generate the sales meetings yo need to be successful.  Inbound strategies will supplement what you do but running your own campaigns that utilise the phone, email and good old snail mail will generate success,  Speak to any sales person who is successful selling high value solutions and they will all tell you that you need to run your own outbound strategies.

So although Sales 2.00 is great you still need Sales 1.00 in the mix to be truly successful.