Make that Sales call

Make that Sales call

The telephone is a fantastic invention, be it traditional land line or a modern mobile, the phone allows us to communicate immediately with anyone at anytime when we want to. Brilliant, or is it!

From a sales perspective the phone should make life much simpler and more efficient, but for many it does not. Making that call be it prospecting, moving a sales forward or trying for a close, the thought of making that call always generates fear of rejection. Even for the most experienced sales person every call causes fear however small. With this fear comes the excuses.

” I need to be in a meeting”

” I’ll just finish these quotes”

” I have to go to the bathroom”

etc., etc.

We have all done it. How many prospects or sales have you missed through this fear. I know I have lost many over the years. How much money is that worth to you £1,000’s, £10,000’s or more.

I learnt a technique a few years ago that has helped me get over this fear. It is extremely simple, but highly effective. I call it the life or death call. It goes like this:

Before the call take 30 seconds and ask your self a series of questions starting with

“After this call will I be dead?”

“After this call will I be in financial ruin?”

“After this call will my spouse/partner leave me?”

And so on.

Pick questions that you feel would have ridiculous outcomes. Hopefully I will never answer yes to any of the above. Once you have diminished the importance of the call you can build the positive impact.

“Will I get a meeting?”

“Will we get shortlisted for our proposal?”

“Will they want to place an order?”

Wow! I could even make some money out of this call. Not only will you have eliminated the fear of calling but you will also have created a positive frame of mind in which to make the call.

Go on it only works.