Are you a ‘Natural Born Closer’?
Natural born closer

Are you a ‘Natural Born Closer’?

Is the ability to be a good sales closer a learned skill or a trait you are born with? This is a question a lot of us in the sales profession have pondered over. The answer is – a bit of both.

We all know sales guys and girls who have the ‘gift’ they rock up to every sales opportunity and seem to effortlessly close the deal like magic. Ask them afterwards how they did it, and they will usually tell you that it is down to their natural ability.

Working with sales people over the last 30 years this makes me laugh. I have found that all sales people need to be trained even the natural ones. Like professional sports people some are better than others.

All professional sports people are good, all do the same training, all appear to have the same commitment, all know their game inside out and for some their physical ability gives them an advantage over others, just think of Basketball, Rugby or any other number of sports where a particular physique will help you stand out.

The great sports stars are the ones who take this to the next level by combining their natural abilities with continual training in all the skills required in their sport large or small to ensure that they have honed things to perfection. It is a never ending feedback loop.

As with the professional sports player a natural born closer is someone who does have the key traits and skills that you would expect from any sales person in any industry. What they have done differently to the rest is they have continually sought to improve their skills. They appreciate that getting the order is made up of many elements, however long the sales cycle be it minutes, weeks, months or even years, and they have looked to perfect every one of these elements.

Any sales person you meet who is any good whether with an outgoing personality or a more subdued approach, think of selling funeral plans, not a rah rah sale at all, has put in the hours to learn. They have worked tirelessly to hone their skills, put in the hours to hone every aspect. They have learnt from their mistakes time and time again.

Being a natural born closer is taking what you have, learning the best techniques and applying them to the best of your ability at all times. Some have to work harder than others, but we can all be natural born closers.