Tell me your problems – Getting to know your prospect

Getting to know your prospect

Get in the meeting, fire up the presentation and tell them how great your company is. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this, a prospect hoping to hear the answers to the problems and challenges she is facing only to be bored to tears by yet another ‘me to’ PowerPoint.

It’s incredible how many sales people believe that all you have to do is dump a load of company ‘guff’ onto someone and they will buy your product.  Even then it is not often delivered well which just compounds matters further.

Having great products and services is obvious.  What seems to pass sales people by is the fact that they need to be relatable to the customer.  Your ‘story’ needs to focus on how you can help the prospect.  It’s your expanded elevator pitch.  Your introduction to a prospect needs a few key stages:

  • Clearly identifying the problems you can solve for your prospect
  • Success stories of customers who had similar problems to the prospect, which your company solved
  • How your offerings can solve your prospects problems 
  • How your company and offerings are different from others

By following the stages as set out above you should be able to craft a story that focuses on the pains they are having, how you solve them and why you are the right people to do business with.

By homing in on the likely pains that the prospect has and how you can remove them will create a more meaningful dialogue and allow you to really show how you can help them.   You will be able to tell very early on from the body language and conversation where the meeting is going.  Often the prospect will start telling you how you might be able to help them.  You will find it much easier to build rapport and gain respect as you move forward with the sale.

Focusing on them and not you is a truly powerful tool to have in the sales kit. Spending time to create a story that is about them from the outset will pay dividends in the long run.