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The Dating Game – Getting the Right Prospects

The Dating Game – Getting the Right Prospects

Being successful in sales always starts out with having the right prospects for your software solution. Sounds easy, but is it?

If you have a horizontal product that covers many verticals and is pretty much a commodity then finding prospects should be easy. Conversely, if you have a solution that will work well in only certain vertical markets then you will have to have a laser like focus when it comes to finding the right prospect.

The process for finding prospects for both horizontal and vertical markets will have the same steps to success. I call this the ladder and if followed should help you easily find prospects that will actually be interested in your solution and may ultimately buy from you.

First rung

Be clear on what problem your product solves and who has the problem. In a B2B function this may be one or multiple personas. For example if it is a purchase invoice matching system then you may have a company accountant, a purchase ledger clerk and department heads who all have problems that can be solved by your solution.

Second rung

Who can do something about the problem. Who is the influencer or decision maker? It is usually a combination of the two. Pick the one that is most likely to have the power to talk to you and get people in their organisation to listen to them.

Third rung

Get a list of companies to target. This is a really important rung. If your product is great for SMEs who have less than 10 people then don’t focus on large organisations with 1,000’s of staff. Make sure you are really clear on what type of company would buy your product. We all want to land the big fish, but if we don’t have the right bait we will never get anywhere.

Fourth rung

Fashion your messages. This is moving into the marketing arena, but is still very relevant. You need to feed into the marketing machine within your business the messages that you believe will resonate with your chosen targets.

If you follow the simple steps above you should start to have relevant conversations once the marketing activities are undertaken. It’s a straight forward process and executed well will yield results for you.