What’s in it for Them!

What’s in it for Them!

I have found over the years that it is very easy for sales people to focus too much on themselves, their company and their products.  They are all great, apparently!!

Successful sales people although realising  that a good company, good products and even being a great sales person are important these elements are only part of the success that they enjoy.

What’s in it for Them!
The key to success in sales is understanding the problems that your customers have and giving them solutions that solve the problem.  You need to learn how to switch the focus from you to them.

Be in their shoes
One of the easiest ways to understand the needs of your customer is to put yourself in their shoes.  Not literally though. When setting up a meeting, or putting together a proposal try to think of the problems that your customer may encounter from their perspective.  Reverse your benefits. Look at the problems that your product solves and think how this must impact on your customer or their business. The more issues you can think of the easier it will be to put a convincing sales case forward.

Ask lots of questions
If you find it hard being in your customer’s shoes the other great approach is questions.  Again think of the problems that your product solves and ask the customer about them. Ask open questions that will get the customer to think of the impact these problems on them.  The more questions you ask the bigger you can make the problem. Your solution will then look even better in their eyes