Let’s Speak Esperanto

How often have you been in a meeting with your team, agreed actions and sent them off to complete the actions only for them to come back with a totally different answer to a task you didn’t set. It’s frustrating!. You are a good communicator, you wouldn’t have got to where you are today without … Read more

Reflecting a Deal (or position)

It has happened to us all, you have been in a meeting with a customer and had a really good session. It may have been about a small opportunity or the framing of a larger project… Awkward situation You leave the meeting (or video call nowadays) and put together what you believe the outcome was. … Read more

3 Steps to identify your perfect prospect

Quite often software houses have a few customers that they have built up over time.  They may not be in similar industries, quite often they are different sizes and ultimately they all spend differing amounts of money on the products and services that you offer.  When looking to grow the business the temptation is to … Read more

Doughnut Planning – When the Unexpected Happens

Doughnut planning

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all. Some to a greater degree than others. All the plans for business that we had, all the opportunities we expected to close, those orders just ready to sign have all been thrown into disarray. Welcome to the world of doughnut planning. Doughnut PlanningEvery salesperson has been in this … Read more

The Dating Game – Getting the Right Prospects


The Dating Game – Getting the Right Prospects Being successful in sales always starts out with having the right prospects for your software solution. Sounds easy, but is it? If you have a horizontal product that covers many verticals and is pretty much a commodity then finding prospects should be easy. Conversely, if you have … Read more

Know Your Target


Know your target One of the costliest exercises for any sales person in terms of time used is prospecting.  Not all of us have huge marketing departments and budgets to rely on for lead generation. The majority of us have to get off our backsides and do it ourselves. Who to look for It is … Read more

The Valley of Death

Valley and Lake

The Valley of Death You have been working with the customer for months now and communication has been good at all times. You have confidently put them on your sales forecast and then all of a sudden ‘radio silence’.  We have all been here whether we know it or not.  The Valley of Death is … Read more

Proper Planning and Preparation


Planning We all know the 7 p’s don’t we?  Maybe not, but it is very true that proper planning and preparation prevents particularly poor performance. This is something that is really true within the sales arena.  You will find that the more prepared you are the better the outcomes tend to be even to the … Read more