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Being a Sales Closer

Selling is easy (apparently) the hard bit is closing.  There is all sorts of garbage out there on how to sell and close business.  Although a lot of it sounds great and should work it is often just theoretical or even worse out of date.

There is a great deal  written on the art of selling and closing. This quite often bears no relation to day to day situations that we encounter.  Most of us do not have negotiating teams that number ten plus or deal with international governments on world trade deals.  More often than not we don’t negotiate with sophisticated buyers.  Often the people we deal with are emotionally led and do not always apply logic to buying  decisions.

The days of manipulative techniques have long gone.  Buyers today have heard it all before and unless they are less than bright they can see right through what are techniques meant to trap them into a decision.  They may work on kids (but often don’t) but they don’t work in the real world.

The Sales Closer is here to share real world strategies and approaches that actually work.  Techniques that people like you and I have used to close business on a regular basis.